Thoongavanam Movie Review

Kamal Haasan’s Thoongavanam has hit the big-screens today, and the makers have promoted the film as an action-thriller where the story revolves around crime and kidnapping aspects. Does Kamal Haasan manage to set cash registers ringing with Thoongavanam. Here is Thoongavanam Movie Review.


The story takes off with CK Diwakar (Kamal Haasan) and Yugi Sethu(Mani) who are in  Narcotics Control Bureau, but were involved in a secret mission to confiscate and rob cocaine. But a series of sequences lead to Diwakar’s son being kidnapped by local drug dealer Vital Rao(Prakash Raj). How does Diwakar deal with it and where does Mallika(Trisha) fit in is rest of the story.


Kamal Haasan steals the show, and get into the skin of the role. He entertains with his trademark style and antics. 

Prakash Raj is routine and regular as a devious villain. 

Trisha, as a curious intelligent officer even performs some stunts as well. Aman Abdullah, as Kamal's son is impressive in portraying emotions. He bagged meaty role. Kishore, Sampath, Yugi Sethu, Jagan and others were adequate in their brief yet key roles.

Technical Analysis

Ghibran has given his best for the film and the BGM takes it to the next level, especially it syncs perfectly with the action sequences. Cinematography is on top-notch while Giles and Ramesh need a special mention for their stunning stunt choreography. Director Rajesh does a decent job while editing by Shan Mohammed is smooth and consistent. Suka's dialogues are intense and go with the flow. Like any Kamal’s movie, Thoongavanam is also high on technical values.


Thoongavanam is the official remake of French film Sleepless nights, with few amends to impress the Tamil audiences. Major story will take place in a night club, and the film is slick, smooth and is high on technical values.

Besides Kamal Haasan’s show, the other major casts Prakash Raj, Trisha, Aman Abdullah are all apt in their roles and are highly impressive. Kamal's action thrillers have stunning stunts and Thoongavanam one is no exception.

Rajesh Selva does a good job, and the screenplay packs few delighting thrills and twists, though the entire film doesn’t fall in suspense category. He doesn’t add unnecessary forced comedy or other commercial elements. The first half is racy and the screenplay is sharp and interval block is brilliant. However, it is the second half that turns predictable and is dragging. Nevertheless, the hardcore action keeps you glued to the screens.

Overall, Thoongavanam impresses with standout performances, stunning action sequences and high technical values, but the complain is with the slow-paced second half.

ZC Take

Thoongavanam- Slick action thriller, but slightly predictable!

Tamil Zustcinema Thoongavanam Rating :- 3 / 5

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