Ajith’s Vedhalam Review

After the super hit success of 'Veeram', Ajith and director Siva teamed up for Vedhalam film which has hit the big-screens today on the eve of Diwali. The pre-release buzz is humongous and Vedhalam has taken massive openings, thanks to Ajith’s enormous craze. Here is Vedhalam Review

Vedhalam story deals with Ganesh (Ajith), a call taxi driver who lives with his sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon). But he has another side as well as Gangster Vedhalam who hunts for the three heads of mafia (Rahul Dev, Kabir Singh, Aniket Chouan). What is the reason behind his mission against the three criminals and how does he accomplish is Vedhalam.

The biggest asset of Vedhalam is Ajith, and he steals the show with his style of mannerisms. He shoulders the most of the film and proceedings highly depend on the Ajith's mass appeal and entertaining performance. 

Shruti Haasan is glamorous though wasted in a poor comedy role along with other comedian Soori. 

Lakshmi Menon is justifying in sister role. Rahul Dev, Kabir Singh, Aniket Chouan were ok in their roles not-so powerful. Vidyu Raman, Kovai Sarala, Bala Saravanan and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan fills the space.

Technical Analysis

Vetri's cinematography is captivating and attractive with vibrant colors. Anirudh's musical scores 'Aaluma Doluma' and 'Veera Vinayaga' are entertaining while BGM is elevating. Antony L Ruben’s editing is decent though it could have been crisp in the second half. Stun Silva 's actions sequences are another asset. Siva’s direction is mediocre.


Vedhalam is a mass entertainer, with a predictable storyline, expected twists and turns. Majority of the proceeding rely on Ajith’s mass appeal and his entertaining aspects. The action sequences are quite entertaining but the logic has gone for a toss. The biggest advantages besides Ajith for Vedhalam are its first half though the comedy hardly works. The suspense elements are well-maintained and Ajith’s characterization is well-etched. Brother-sister sentiment scenes are few of the things to watchout for.

But sadly, once the mystery and suspense elements are revealed, the second half turns very much predictable and routine and proceedings become unexciting. The director could have focused on the flashback sequences. Had director Siva concentrated much on these episodes, Vedhalam may have created wonders.

 All in all, Vedhalam is a predictable formulaic mass entertainer with few glitches that may be appealing to all ardent fans of Ajith.

Tamil ZC Take

Vedhalam- Predictable mass entertainer

 Tamil Zustcinema Vedhalam Rating :- 2.75 / 5

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