Soodhu Kavvum Movie Review

Soodhu Kavvum Movie ReviewCast  :- Vijay Sethupathi, Sanchita Shetty, Radha Ravi, Ashok Selvan...
Music :- Santosh Narayanan
Producer :-  C.V. Kumar
Director :- Nalan Kumarasamy

Zustcinema Soodhu Kavvum Rating :- 3.25/5


Das (Vijay Sethupati) who is a leader of his gang (4 friends) makes a bigger plan to become richers.On their plan they kidnap Arumai Prakasham,son of politician (CJ Bhaskaran) of that area.Everything goes right and plan turns success.The twist which turns the kidnap to a drama and takes you to a joyfull scenes.What was the twist is the rest of the story.


Vijay Sethupati one of the finest actors steals the show with his new look of full breed which was impressive.His comic timing is hilarious and performance is top-notch.

Sanchitha Shetty has does her limited role to her best and sizzled with her glamour in the film.Her on-screen chemistry with Vijay Sethupati is good.

Other charaters namely to mention Simhaa,Ramesh,Ashok Selvan are apt to their roles while CJ.Bhaskaran performed well as a politician and others impressed with their performances.

Technical Analysis

Nalan Kumarasamy should get a thumbs up for his way of charaterisation and griping screenplay. Background scroe and songs by Santosh Narayan are a big plus for the film. Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography is colorfull and showcased the needfull. Editing is good and Production Values are rich.


Soodhu Kavvum starts off with a entertainment in the first half with fast pace.Eventhough the story is old the narration is quite interesting which makes the audience to enjoy the scenes.First half goes on and the interval comes to the main twist which is impressive.
Second half is a wholesome comedy from the lead stars where kidnap turns drama.Yogjapi makes an entry as a psycho inspector is impresive.Everything is Ok but the Sanchita Shetty's plot is one lack back in the film.On a whole Soodhu Kavvum is good entertainer from the Pizza makers.

ZC Take :- 

Soodhu Kavvum entertains with cool comedy this summer!

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