Neethane En Ponvasantham Movie Review

Zustcinema presents you NEP Movie Review shortly.Jeeva and Samantha starrer Neethane En Ponvasantham released on a grand scale today i.e on Dec 14th worldwide. 


Varun (Nani)
and Nithya Vasudevan (Samantha) are on the same board from their childhood which turns in to a deep love.Both of the them get their love breaked up many times to give themselves otherchances of hanging out in love.But truely they are in love by heart. As life goes round Nithya and Varun turn on their love but again they break up and patch-up several times.

At a stage it was a crucial situation that both Nitya and Varun are to be seperated.What turns the discussion to be a long time break up ? Will both separate for the life time makes the rest of the story ?


Jeeva proves himself that he is a showstellar with his realistic approach to the role.His role as Varun is natural and convinced in his all three stages of love life.

Samantha is said to be major plus for the film and looked gorgeous as a school going girl.Nitya role makes one to repeat the film in theatres.Her expressions in all scenes are superb.Finally could be said after watching Samantha where hear has gone.

Santhanam was high in comedy scenes and his actin in few one liners scenes were impressive.Others does their roles at their best.VTV spoof was god after the interval

Technical Analysis 

Majorly to say, Ilayaraja's tunes and background scores leaves us in a romantic genre.Direction of Gautham Menon is good but coming to screenplay was very much slow pace in to the two halfs.Few scenes are good in slow pace but majority leaves you to lean back.Cinematography might be taken care.Songs are picturised well but feels back to back songs in bits.


Jeeva and Samantha excellent performance lay back one to stick to their seats.Gautham Menon narration is quite good but coming to arguments and reak-up scenes which can be avoided to be that much run time.Film showcases differences in opinions leading to arguments which ends to break up in present generation couple, could relate to the people who are in that situations.Ilayaraja's background score are to be complimented.The first half of the film tests your patience that goes the same in second half.Chopping off few scenes could be a perfect watchable film.It can said Gautam Menon's film which has good number of romantic scenes.

My Take :- 

Neethane En Ponvasantham is worth watchable if you love someone deep in heart

ZC Take :- 

Watch with your love pair. which reminds you everything....

Zustcinema Neethane En Ponvasantham Rating :- 3/5

Review By Zustcinema Team --- The way we do, dat create our impression 

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