Charulatha Film Review

Priyamani is all set to mesmarize the audience with her Charulatha film releasing today in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam four languages.Zustcinema updates Charulatha movie review here...
Story of Charu-Latha 

Story begins with the introduction of Charu and Latha
(Priyamani) Siamese twins (conjoined twins ) living in Vizag and leading a happy life. Both sisters learns playing Guitar with passion in them even though they faced irks from the teachers. With their interest they learnt Guitar and started running classes to the students. Then comes Ravi (Skanda) to learn guitar. At first sight he falls in love with Charu. Latha also has love towards Ravi but Ravi loves Charu and thrilling twist happens, where Latha seeks revenge on Charu. What was the twist ? How Charu overcomes the revenge and marries Ravi is the rest of the story….. 


Priyamani donning roles of Charu-Latha and performance by her is outstanding as conjoined twins. She carried entire film as a soul with her best performance on par. Priyamani also excelled in negative role for the first time.She gave her best expressions to two roles which is the highlight of the film. 

Ravi (Skanda) done a neat job even it is his first film. Saranya Ponvanan, Seetha and Ravi Shankar does their best for the roles offered to them. 

Technical Analysis

Ponkumaran made his good debut as a director with remaking Thai film Alone. He made few changes in script so that it will match Indian culture. His screenplay was little bit confusing in executing especially in few flash back plots. He should be applauded for making conjoined twins for the first time in the history of Indian films. Music by Sundar C Babu could be good and background score thrills audience. Panner Selva’s cinematography was amazing in showcasing horror movements in the film. Production values of the film are top-notch. 


Remaking such film with Priyamani is main plus and also to be said main asset of the film. Despite the first half being lagged slightly, the movie catches up the breathe with all emotions, suspense and thrilling movements in the second half. Climax was ended up shortly which is a minus. Major scenes involving Charu Latha were executed very well and narrated briefly and heart touching scenes between the twins. Finally to say Priyamani is the showstealer in the entire film and one could watch the film for thrilling and suspense encrypted in the movie. 

My Take 

Go grab your tickets and watch it for Priyamani's thrilling performance.

ZC Take 

Get a chance of experiencing Twin suspence thriller.....

Zustcinema Charulatha Rating :- 2.75/5

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