Arrambam movie review

Big Day has finally came !. Zustcinema brings you Thala Ajith's much awaited film of this season Arrambam has hit the big screens with loads of expectations as Diwali gift to Ajith fans. Check out Arrambam movie review here


Ashok Kumar aka AK (Ajith) is in a operation to reveal the big heads of mafia back of a big scam. Nayantara is assisting AK in his mission on mafia. On his way he brings a techie hacker Arya who is in love with journalist Tapsee. The whole team goes as joint to success in their operation which inturns takes dangerous turn where flash back is revealed. Whether Ashok Kumar succeded in his mission what is the flashback forms the crux of the film. 


Ajith is apt for the role of risky man Ashok Kumar aka AK. Thala is amazing in his performance and looked a stunt man in action scenes which are worth watchable on big screens. His passion in riding bikes revealed more with Duccati in the film.

Nayantara looks stylish with her fiercy looks in needed scenes. She is hot at times and good at performance.

Tapsee has nothing to prove with in the short role. Arya is good with his unique look and as a techie. Rana has good screen presence but itched with role. Others are adeuqate.

Techincal Analysis:

Yuvan Shankar Raja background is not up to the mark and only 2 scenes are good on big screen. Script work is good by duo Suba which is engaging to the fullest. Cinematography by Om Prakash is top-notch and colorful. Action scenes are impressive and Vishnuvardhan has got once again a thumbs up for his direction. Production values are good.


Arrambam first half goes on a speed of a rocket with stylish Ajith making  few interesting entertainment levels. In this half we have shades of some old movies but the stylishness is fresh and nothing boring with its pace.

Second half has all the twists and interesting aspects of the film. All the lead actors roles impresses the audiences. Some scenes looks bit drag with predictable climax as earlier films does them.

ZC Take :- 

Arrambam is a biggest Diwali cracker

Zustcinema Arrambam Rating :- 3.5/5

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