Gouravam Tamil Movie Review

Gouravam Tamil Movie Review Cast :-  Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam,Nassar,Prakash Raj
Music:: Thaman
Cinematography :- Preeth
Producer:- Prakash Raj
Director:- Radha Mohan

Zustcinema Gouravam Rating  :- 2.75/5

Allu Sirish's debutant film Gouravam released in theatres today.Zustcinema
presents the review of Gouravam tamil film here

Arjun (Allu Sirish) a well settled rich person's son goes to his friend Shankar's village on a business tour of his father. After entering in to the village he comes to know that Shankar goes missing along with the daughter of village head Pasupati (Prakash Raj). Arjun makes his way of finding his missing friend and comes over few uncertain facts of caste indifferences. He takes the help of local lawyer Yamini (Yami Gautam) to find out the way to get in touch with his friend Shankar...


Allu Sirish made a decent debut by attempting a raw story. He played the director choice role in the film. Further he has to improve his acting skills.

Yami Gautam has nothing to do as a lawyer just supporting the lead role. Her performance is good and perfect costumes for the character Yamini.

Prakash Raj is a perfect performer for such negative shaded role and does a good screen performance. Brahmaji,L B Sriram and others done their roles to their best.

Technical Analysis

Radha Mohan's unique way of dealing such script is to be appreciated.Preetha worked out the village atmosphere best with his camera.Thaman's background scores are good and songs are not up to the mark.Editing is good and Production values are Ok.


Gouravam showcases a different story that deals with the caste system in present society. First half of the film is slow with narration of the cast linking up to the story with pinching sentiment. Interval scenes are shown well which moves in the second half.

Second half has gripping narration but the pace of the film goes slowdown every time we think of getting engaged. This genre of films couldn't be Telugu people's choice. Climax is a big let down as it is preachy.

Gouravam is a film which has realistic approach and loads of melodrama and lacks commercial elements on the whole.

ZC Take :- 

Sensible script but uninteresting narration!!!

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