Kadal Movie Review

Zustcinema updates Kadal movie review
Cast: Gautham Karthik, Thulasi Nair, Arjun, Arvind Swamy, Lakshmi Manchu
Direction: Mani Ratnam
Production: Mani Ratnam, Manohar Prasad
Music: A. R. Rahman

Zustcinema Kadal Rating :- 2.25/5

Gautham Karthik and Thulasi Nair debutant film Kadal is
hitting big screens today worldwide in telugu and tamil versions.Zustcinema updates Kadal Movie Review..


Sam Fernandez (Aravind Swamy) and Bergmans (Arjun) are enrolled in a Christian missionary and are under training to become holy fathers next.At an event of day argument between both leads to seperation and Bergmans keeps grudge on Sam whose is the reason for him to be kicked off the missionary.

As time passes,Sam Fernandez becomes a Church Father in a fishing villiage where he gives shelter to orphan Thomas (Gautham Karthik).Thomas falls for Beatrice (Thulasi Nair), daughter of Bergmans.Rest of the story is how Thomas wins his love by taking help of Sam to fight over Bergmans.


Gautham Karthik made a near debut with the role Thomas for which he looks good.His performance is convincing with energy filled in playing the role.Chemistry between his co-star Thulasi worked out well.

Thulasi Nair,debutant role has no light in the first half and later half is just showcased the love scenes.She should improve her acting skills further.

Aravind Swamy and Arjun are souls of the film and does their best performances.Lakshmi Manchu is good and Thambi Ramiah is decent.

Technical Analysis

Kadal stands high on its technical values as of it is a Mani Ratnam's film.AR Rahman music is good and background score ok.Camera work by Rajiv Menon is amazingly stunning which shows rich scenario of sea and beaches.Songs picturisation is excellent.Dialouges are ok but filled with Christianity related words.Editing by Sreekar Prasad is good.


First half of Kadal starts off with interesting narration but moving in to the story lace pace and leaves everyone to disgrace. Gautam's Thomas role was revealed but later the screenplay just revolved around the good and bad things.Only Arjun and Aravind Swamy are heart of the film nothing more in this half.

Second half picks up with the love track between Thomas and Beatrice where the chemistry showcased well.In this episode the screenplay is sloppy and tests the patience.The romantic track was not right picturised as of expecting Mani Ratnam's mark romance.Few scenes seems to be dragged and the approach was not realistic. Finally, Kadal is packed with a slow paced story that misses commercial elements.

Final Verdict

Kadal misses Mani Ratnam’s magic!!!

ZC Take 

Nothing to be Watched

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