Simbu's Podaa Podi Movie Review

Simbu's Podaa Podi movie released on November 13th. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is making her debut as herione with this film.Zustcinema presents Simbu Podaa Podi movie review and public talk.

Story :

Arjun (STR) is a cool Indian guy living in London as a animator
falls in love with salsa dancer Nisha (Varalakshmi)  who is a party animal.Nisha aims for biggest dance competition in UK.

Story turns negative way as Arjun hates Nisha passion of Salsa who are already parents to a baby boy (Smarth).The rest of the story is about they withcome problems in raising the son and what makes the end ?.


Simbu looks just cool as a tamilian in London with stylish uber look.It is known that STR is a stylish entertainer and he proves once again.

Varalaskhmi Sarathkumar debuted as herione in this film and done what director said.It is worth to say that she has lose wieght to gain further movies in kollywood.Her dances skills were utilised utmost.Ganesh and Shobana does justice to thier roles.

Technical Analysis:

Dharan tunes were good to listen and picturise seems to be bit stuffy and background scores to be done still better.Antony does a good piece of editing.Duncan Telford cinematography was colorfull with new locations in London.Vignesh Shivan direction is neat in first half and second half lacks pace.Production values are high.


Simbu carried Podaa Podi movie on shoulders and his wholesome stylish performance is major asset of the film.Varalakshmi role as salsa dancer is downgraded in the story even her weight does put her on audience note.Vignesh Shivan showed his directorial skills in his debutant film.His direction was racy with neat screenplay.

My Take :

Podaa Podi is a romantic entertainer worth watchable with family..

ZC Take :

It's Not a Diwali cracker....

Zustcinema Podaa Podi Rating :- 2.5/5

Review By Zustcinema Team --- The way we do, dat create our impression

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