Maatran Movie Review

Suriya's Maatran movie is releasing in a big way today in tamil and telugu versions on Oct 12th.Zustcinema is  presenting Maatran movie review in while.. 

Maatran Story starts off :

Conjoined twins Vimal and Akhil (Surya) are born  as a result of
a experiment by their father Ramachandra (Sachin Khedkar).Anjali (Kajal Agarwal ) is seen as a Russian translator and also who is in team of grabbing off Energion product from Ramachandra which is the most powerful.

The way goes when Vimal one of twin finds his father is a culprit which inturn leads to death of Vimal.The stealers comes in to the show to get the most energy product.Further the story goes on how Akhil investe Vimal's death mystery and how the story ends !.


Suriya has excelled in Vimal and Akhil roles with his charm and expectional variations in two roles at one show.It's known that Suriya has done 2500 shots for the dual roles to come right.The entire credit of the film must go to Suriya for his work.

Kajal Agarwal was sensious in Anjali role with  glamorous feast in couple of songs.Chinmayi's dubbing for Kajal done well.

Sachin Khedkar does his job neat and others were good at their roles.

Technical Analysis:

Maatran visualisation by Srinivasa Murthy and camera work by S Sounder Rajan must be appreciable as the silver screen was grand with colourful look.It is worth to mention that Maatran is the first Indian film to use Motion Capture technology which was handled perfectly.

KV Anand selecting such script with good narration were showcased racy but second half lacks proper screenplay.Harris Jayraj songs and background score were at their best.Anthony editing might be much crispy by chopping of few scenes.


Maatran was racy in the first half with humorous scenes between twins Vimal and Akhil and few portions of romance with Kajal Agarwal.The first half was promising and interval was good.Long fighting scenes might bore the audience but Suriya's play stick them.

The pace in first half couldn't continue in Second half as the film runs on investigation plot leaves testing audience pulse.Maatran film moves to Russia,the story goes very much slow with poor screenplay.In this half logic was left to air and KV Anand to be criticised for this direction.Maatran climax was not up to the mark.
The run-time of Maatran was big minus for the film.

My Take :-

This weekend for Surya's Maatran .. Watch it with big pack of Pop-corn in interval which awakes you in second half from sleep.

ZC Take :-

A Double Combo of Surya - Watch it With loads of patience..

Zustcinema Maatran Rating :- 3/5

Review By Zustcinema Team --- The way we do, dat create our impression

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