Jeeva Mugamoodi Movie Review

Jeeva and Pooja Hedge starring Mugamoodi is releasing grandly worldwide today.Zustcinema presents Mugamoodi Movie Review..

Mugamoodi Story Covers :-

Anand (Jeeva) who is called as Bruce Lee by his friends who is expert in Kungu Fu and martialarts makes it as his profession. Anand falls in love with Shakthi (Pooja Hedge) , daughter of City commissioner Gaurav (Nasser) at first sight.In the spring of impressing her Anand tries with a new mask and entertainers Shakthi's sister children.

On the meantime few robbery gangs disrupting the city by killing few people who witnessed them stealing.Dragon (Narain) was the leader of the gang who was assited by former teacher of Bruce Lee.Bruce Lee helps Police officer Gaurav to catch one of robbery gang member but in vain Dragon puts Bruce Lee in to trouble with his tactics.

With all this Bruce Lee learns much stonger Kungfu art from his grandfather Girish Karnad to over come the Dragon.Rest of the story is about How Bruce Lee puts an end to Dragon ? Whether he wins his lady love Shakti ?.

Mugamoodi & It's Performances

Jeeva looked strong in potraying such role of a superhero.He excelled much in action scenes and his mask suited him much better.

Pooja Hedge is glamorous in romantic scenes and fired the screens in songs.Pooja was well suited for the role she has given.

Narain,who's once a hero turned baddie for Jeeva.He does is best but the character demanded more from him.

Nasser, Selva and Girish Karnad proved their mettle of acting with their performance which is admirable.

Technical Analysis

First to say that Mugamoodi screenplay is very slow which does not match the script in the go.It is to give a thumbsup to Myskin for attempting such unique films at this time.Sathya's Cinematography is convincing which worked well in action scenes.Director has shot majority of scenes in night effect showed the shades which turned out a big minus for the film.Background score by K is ok and songs are not upto the mark.Tony Leungs has given best stunts for this film which are to be viewed only on silver screens.Gaugin might had been trimmed more from the film.Production values of Mugamoodi are grand.


Mysskin has given better first half which entertains audience a bit but the second half irritates audience, shows the exit doors which is not even interesting to watch.It is good attempt from such director but he might taken much care in adoption of racy narration.

Jeeva's transition to superhero masked man impresses with nicely choreographed action sequences.VFX are good a part to mention.Technicall values are sound but the film is away from emotional depths and even from superficial logics.

My Take

Mugamoodi is not up to the mark of a Superhero film .... Which does not have stuff to stick ones eyes.

ZC Take

Batman & Spiderman are stuff's and Mask is just Mask to waste our time..... (Watch it to kill time)

Zustcinema Mugamoodi Rating :- 2.5 /5

Review By Zustcinema Team --- The way we do, dat create our impression

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